Most common in children, the often acute inflammation of the tonsil tissue at the very back of the mouth is caused by either streptococcus bacteria or viral infections. Like the lymph glands, tonsils are designed to destroy germs but, if overwhelmed, they will themselves become infected.

In an attack of tonsillitis, the throat may become so swollen, that the patient will have difficulty swallowing. In extreme cases, breathing can be obstructed and, if distress of this kind is evident, you should seek professional advice immediately. Fever, headache, vomiting and a cough commonly accompany the swelling of the tonsils.

Normally the acute symptoms last just a couple of days. Gargle a mixture of sage, thyme or myrrh, drink plenty of fluids and take garlic capsules to fight the infection. A tonic containing golden seal will help to reduce the inflammation of the membranes in the throat and a tincture of golden seal can be sprayed directly on the glands. Avoid mucous rich foods such as dairy foods and, if eating is difficult, take fruit and vegetable juices until the worst symptoms have eased.

Recurrent tonsillitis can indicate poor nutrition or reduced immunity. Boost your intake of Vitamins B and C and zinc.


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Based on native American Indian and other native people recipes, published by Hulda Regher Clark (see the References)


1. black walnut hulls – from the black walnut tree. Use water based tincture. Use 10-20 drops each time.

2. wormwood – from the Artemisia absynthium shrub. Buy it for your garden. It has been named for a good reason long time ago and it is mentioned in many ancient scripts, including the Bible. Take one dried leaf in a teaspoon of honey each time.

3. common cloves – from the clove tree. This is a common spice used in baking. Grind your own fresh cloves (not stored for a long time). Use a small amount of ground powder mixed with a fruit juice – a tip of the teaspoon is enough.

Taken together, these herbs help to eliminate over 100 common parasites in humans.

Black walnut hull and wormwood help to eliminate adult parasites as well as their various development stages. Cloves eliminates eggs. This is the only known method to eliminate parasite eggs.

Use the combination of above herbs 3 times a day before meals for a few days. For more information read books by Hulda Regher Clark.

After eliminating parasites, we should take care not to create favourite conditions to them again. Attention to detoxification and the diet should be our strategy.


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I make no claim, that I developed anything new. All the techniques listed in this book are known and proven for thousands of years.

Modern scientific evidence, summarised in this book to convince its readers is taken directly from books and articles published by many talented, dedicated, honest medical practitioners and scientists, who are not afraid of telling the TRUTH.

In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to Hulda Regehr Clark, Arthur Baker, Deepak Chopra and Sheldon Saul Hendler for their wonderful books.

I am grateful to Dr Vagif Sultanov, for his inspiring public lecture about fasting.

I am also grateful to Ed McCabe, a reporter, for bringing to the attention of the general public (mine included) oxygen therapies, against considerable opposition of the medical establishment and the media.

It would be impossible for me to collect quickly the scientific evidence I needed without access to the Australian NEXUS magazine, which has published great articles as well as summaries and reviews of many interesting and original books. I salute all those people associated with NEXUS. You are doing a great job.

I would like to express my gratitude to Nick Haritos, who corrected the manuscript.


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Some may argue, that the diet proposed below is quite different from the traditional diet we learned from our parents, friends and neighbours. So many people have followed-”traditional” diet for generations !

Maybe that’s exactly why we live on average only 72 years, most of this time getting sick or expecting disease, and by the age of 65 or earlier having major health problems.

We simply follow bad habits.

Many people follow their habits and tradition without any criticism, just because they do not want any change or they do not want to be different from others.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to find any logic at all. For example some women, who seem to be quite health conscious, are ready to put almost anything on their faces just to look better (?) for a few hours. On the other hand, they would not even consider giving up their dinners, steaks, alcohol or perfumes to truly improve their health.

In the ancient literature we can find evidence, that many thousands of years ago people lived in good health for at least several hundred years.

Modern science is still looking for reasons why our lifespan is so short.


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The name ringworm is misleading, because the ailment to which it refers is not caused by a worm. It is in fact a form of tinea, a fungal infection, and is also known as tinea circinata. The name refers to the fact that it causes a raised ring-shaped inflammation of the skin. Ringworms are most commonly found in warm, moist areas of the body such as the armpits, groin, and beneath the breasts. The skin becomes inflamed and tends to flake and peel. Ringworms can be intensely itchy and are highly contagious.

To avoid spreading the infection, care should be taken to avoid sharing clothing, towels and bedlinen. Keeping the skin dry will prevent further growth of the fungus.

Tea tree oil applied directly to the area is often beneficial. Antifungal ointments and powders are also available from chemists without prescription. Garlic, either eaten fresh or in the form of capsules, may also help the infection clear up.

Dietary habits which may help to reduce the incidence of ringworm and other fungal infections include the elimination of refined starches and sugars and alcohol from the diet, as fungi thrive on these foods. Diabetics are particularly prone to ringworm when their sugar levels are high.


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The margin of the pupil, pars iridica retinae, in its dilatation, colour, shape and plasticity, is a reflection of the central nervous system. One which is of delicate appearance, of reddish-brown colour and with a uniform edge, is to be regarded as normal. To enumerate the varieties of individual form and colour is beyond the scope of the present work.

Any signs in the corresponding sector of the iris should be interpreted in association with all phenomena affecting the margin of the pupil. As stated elsewhere, signs which displace or break through the iris-wreath refer to the vegetative nervous system. If such signs go out from the pupil or go through to reach the pupil, they refer to the central nervous system. Where signs relating to the organ areas extend to the pupillary margin, an edge-sign will be found. This sign differs in form and colour according to the nature of the disturbance.

One must always bear in mind that the eye represents a unity, and should be considered in its entirety. From this it follows that neither the edge of the pupil nor the peripheral margin of the iris alone can provide the basis for any diagnosis.


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The pupil as such is entirely dependent upon the function of the iris. Therefore, all reactions and conditions of the pupil are to be considered basically as no more than changes affecting the inner margin of the iris. For the irisdiagnostician, however, only those abnormal conditions are significant which by paralysis or irritation of the nerves controlling the muscles of the iris, produce changes in the function or state of the pupil. (M. sphincter pupillae = pupil contraction and M. dilatator pupillae = pupil dilation.) Consequently, all those disturbances which are caused by local injuries or other conditions of the eyeball are to be ignored.

The normal shape of the pupil is circular. It should lie in the centre of the iris (perhaps somewhat disposed towards the nasal side), and appear neither too large nor too small under ordinary conditions of lighting. The normal diameter is 3-4 mm. On the whole, relatively larger pupils are found in small children, while in adults the size of the pupil progressively diminishes as old age advances.

The pupil should not show any undue variation in width, and the movements of contraction and dilation should affect both pupils symmetrically.


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Viral and bacterial infections can cause pneumonia, a condition in which one or both lungs become inflamed. Bacterial pneumonia is generally regarded as more serious than viral pneumonia, although both can be very dangerous to the young and the elderly. Viral pneumonia is often the result of chickenpox or measles.

A cough and shortness of breath are the first symptoms of pneumonia, accompanied by fever and sweating. Acute lobar pneumonia, which affects only one lobe of one lung, causes a dry cough. The sufferer may cough up blood. In the case of bronchopneumonia, usually affecting both lungs, there are sudden chest pains and the sufferer coughs up yellow, green, or brown sputum, sometimes containing blood.

Pneumonia can be a serious condition and a doctor should be consulted if it is suspected. However, some complementary therapies prescribed by qualified practitioners can be helpful. Herbal expectorants can be used to loosen the phlegm, including mullein and thyme. Echinacea, garlic and large doses of Vitamin C and Vitamin A may be recommended to boost the immune system against infection. Fruit or vegetable juice fasts may be recommended, followed by diets which exclude foods which increase mucus production such as dairy products and sweet foods.


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Fasting is the extreme form of diet, in which you do not eat at all and you drink only pure water. Of course, fasting can only be observed only for a very limited time. Most effective fasting programs range from 1 to 6 weeks.

Fasting greatly accelerates purification and the healing processes in our body, simply because we do not input anything to the body at all, thereby freeing and unifying all body resources for the sole purpose of cleansing and healing. Note, that by taking even small quantities of food we have to use significant amount of our body resources to process and excrete it.

Never attempt fasting, without understanding and observing the method as well as precautions described below.

Note, that every ancient civilisation in the past had a tradition of fasting, at least twice a year. Our wise ancestors many thousands of years ago knew very well about the dangers of a poisoned body and incorporated this simple purification technique into their way of life. Every known religion has originated from the teachings of enlightened people, who tried to show others how to live. Of course fasting was also included in their teachings. Unfortunately, with time, fasting has become less and less strict, gradually loosing its original effectiveness and purpose.


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Nosebleeds have a variety of causes, most of which are minor. Most nosebleeds are caused by the rupture of small blood vessels in the anterior section of the nasal septum. There are often obvious causes like a blow to the nose, irritation from a foreign body, excessive nose-blowing during a cold or sinusitis and nose-picking. Nosebleeds can also occur during menstruation. Some people suffer more from nosebleeds than others.

Occasionally nosebleeds are related to more serious illnesses and injuries such as the presence of polyps or other growths in the nose, high blood pressure, allergies to certain foods, vitamin deficiencies and conditions like haemophilia.
Arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, can cause nosebleeds in old people, while in children they are sometimes a symptom of rheumatic fever.

When bleeding from the nose cannot be sourced to a blood vessel inside the nose, it may indicate an internal injury. The blood may be caused by a skull fracture or injury to the stomach or lungs. If the nose bleeds regularly or excessively, or if the bleeding is difficult to stop, medical advice should be sought. Persistent bleeding may require cauterisation of the blood vessel.


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