Fasting is the extreme form of diet, in which you do not eat at all and you drink only pure water. Of course, fasting can only be observed only for a very limited time. Most effective fasting programs range from 1 to 6 weeks.

Fasting greatly accelerates purification and the healing processes in our body, simply because we do not input anything to the body at all, thereby freeing and unifying all body resources for the sole purpose of cleansing and healing. Note, that by taking even small quantities of food we have to use significant amount of our body resources to process and excrete it.

Never attempt fasting, without understanding and observing the method as well as precautions described below.

Note, that every ancient civilisation in the past had a tradition of fasting, at least twice a year. Our wise ancestors many thousands of years ago knew very well about the dangers of a poisoned body and incorporated this simple purification technique into their way of life. Every known religion has originated from the teachings of enlightened people, who tried to show others how to live. Of course fasting was also included in their teachings. Unfortunately, with time, fasting has become less and less strict, gradually loosing its original effectiveness and purpose.


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