Some may argue, that the diet proposed below is quite different from the traditional diet we learned from our parents, friends and neighbours. So many people have followed-”traditional” diet for generations !

Maybe that’s exactly why we live on average only 72 years, most of this time getting sick or expecting disease, and by the age of 65 or earlier having major health problems.

We simply follow bad habits.

Many people follow their habits and tradition without any criticism, just because they do not want any change or they do not want to be different from others.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to find any logic at all. For example some women, who seem to be quite health conscious, are ready to put almost anything on their faces just to look better (?) for a few hours. On the other hand, they would not even consider giving up their dinners, steaks, alcohol or perfumes to truly improve their health.

In the ancient literature we can find evidence, that many thousands of years ago people lived in good health for at least several hundred years.

Modern science is still looking for reasons why our lifespan is so short.


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