I’m afraid I have not such good news for those who suffer from the miseries. There are medical treatments available, but they are not anywhere near so widely available as the Pill, and you are not so likely to be able to get them through your GP. Luckily this is now starting to improve.

Diuretics-Some GPS try to relieve the bloat by giving their patients diuretics but they admit that diuretics don’t have any effect at all on any of the other symptoms like depression, fatigue, headaches or pain.
And because they are an artificial way of making your kidneys excrete more, they can also force them to excrete too much potassium, which has a bad effect. So they need to be used with some care, but not too often and always under medical supervision.

Tranquillizers-Some GPS prescribe tranquillizers for period pain and pmt. Although they might make you feel less anxious they can’t relieve any of the other symptoms. They certainly shouldn’t be taken unless they’re absolutely necessary because they, in their turn, will upset the hormone balance of your body. And if it’s the hormone balance of your body that is at fault, you will not want to upset it any further.


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