To wit: 100 Records

100 Records’ features contributors’ daily thoughts on albums past, albums present and albums obscure. There does seem to be a bias towards punk, psychobilly and metal in taste; however, the blog is replete with a variety: De La Soul, Motorhead, Skinny Puppy (for those of us whose lust for industrial has never waned), Sneaker Pimps, Jane’s Addition, The Dead Milkmen, Hedwig (for whom/which I have a personal distaste – see Velvet Goldmine), Bowie, Guided by Voices – and let’s not forget Sepultura.

News to me were the entries on Rich Kids on LSD Rock n Roll Nightmare and The Glove Blue Sunshine. Though I wasn’t expecting a passive (pastoral, even) psychedelia; however, the Rich Kids produce a more heavyhanded, schizophrenic metalcore than what their name might imply.

On the other hand, The Glove – a one-off project between Robert Smith (Cure) and Steven Severin (Siouxsie and the Banshees) is the alluring psychedelia where I thought there would be none.


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