By now I hope you will have found that you can use at least some of the tricks and techniques I have been describing to make your periods easier. With luck and persistence you may have found exactly the right blend and won’t be suffering every month. Good! Or if, in your particular case, this hasn’t been your experience, at least you should be feeling that you are on your way to an improvement, watching your periods get easier and easier month by month. The likelihood is that you will have learnt how to cope with your particular stresses and although you’ll probably have recognized that your periods are rarely going to be entirely painfree, at least by now they’ll be relatively easy to manage.

But sadly.
I know that there is bound to be a minority who will go on suffering from far too much pain from the cramps, or far too much discomfort from the aching miseries. It’s also for anyone who’s recognized that an attack of epilepsy, asthma, cystitis, migraine or hay fever may be linked to an approaching period. And for any woman who is afraid that a violent mood swing could be the final straw that could lead her to batter her child.


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