Most common in children, the often acute inflammation of the tonsil tissue at the very back of the mouth is caused by either streptococcus bacteria or viral infections. Like the lymph glands, tonsils are designed to destroy germs but, if overwhelmed, they will themselves become infected.

In an attack of tonsillitis, the throat may become so swollen, that the patient will have difficulty swallowing. In extreme cases, breathing can be obstructed and, if distress of this kind is evident, you should seek professional advice immediately. Fever, headache, vomiting and a cough commonly accompany the swelling of the tonsils.

Normally the acute symptoms last just a couple of days. Gargle a mixture of sage, thyme or myrrh, drink plenty of fluids and take garlic capsules to fight the infection. A tonic containing golden seal will help to reduce the inflammation of the membranes in the throat and a tincture of golden seal can be sprayed directly on the glands. Avoid mucous rich foods such as dairy foods and, if eating is difficult, take fruit and vegetable juices until the worst symptoms have eased.

Recurrent tonsillitis can indicate poor nutrition or reduced immunity. Boost your intake of Vitamins B and C and zinc.


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