At times we will feel tired, defenceless and vulnerable. These feelings don’t last. We will begin to know and understand why we are feeling this way. We will get to know quite a lot about our self, in fact, sometimes we will wish we didn’t know so much! It is a time of learning to listen to the inner voice of the self, which is more than willing to help us. If we stop and take the time to listen, the inner voice will be our guide. All too often we do not hear ourselves.

At some points it may mean rearranging things to make life a little more comfortable and a little bit easier while the integration with the self is worked through. Again, it is a time of learning what our needs are, perhaps learning new skills or trying things we have always wanted to do. Rejecting some, embracing others we didn’t know were there.

We have to become aware we do have a choice in everything.
In making the choice we need to be aware of its implications. We can choose and set limits if we need to. We can choose to move at our own pace. It is going to feel unfamiliar, we will feel vulnerable and the fear will be there, but so too is the self s determination to grow.

We must learn to trust our self. Getting to know our self helps us gain that trust. It is taking risks with our self.


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