If your feet are cold and your legs chilled, the pain is often worse. A good pair of trousers, warm boots, or a thick skirt and two petticoats are good investments. I’m well aware there are still employers and headmasters who lay down rules about clothes. Some actually ban girls wearing trousers; others take exception to boots. We have a long way to go before we win the freedom to wear whatever is most suitable and practical.

Helpful foods-Oranges, bananas and tomatoes are particularly useful around the time of your period because they help replace the potassium your body may have lost if you have been taking diuretics to help get rid of the bloat. And if you feel tired or giddy it’s a good idea to have a small stock of sugary foods handy, like glucose tablets, boiled sweets, barley sugar or grapes. Things to keep clear of are those tempting salty snacks like crisps or salted peanuts. They encourage your body to retain water and give you a thirst. If you drink more fluid than you need you are far more likely to get waterlogged. Incidentally, if you suffer from the bloat, drinking black coffee could help because it is a mild diuretic.


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