No matter what difficulties you suffer when you’re having your period, there are plenty of steps you can take to make life as pleasant as possible.

Clean is comfortable-It seems much too obvious to mention, but you won’t be comfortable unless you wash regularly and change sanitary towels or tampons whenever necessary.
This can be a problem, particularly if you’re at work; how nice it would be if there were a bidet in the women’s lavatory in every work place. As it is, the best we can do is to carry a supply of towels or tampons with us and change them whenever we need to, which could be anything from two to five times during a working day, depending on how much blood we lose and how long our day happens to be.

I’m often asked how much blood women ought to lose and what colour it ought to be. We vary in this. Some women lose very little — just enough to stain two towels a day — especially when they first start their periods. Others lose quite a lot, especially on the first day when they can get through half a packet of towels. Some blood is quite red; some is quite brown. Don’t be alarmed by either colour. They’re both normal; just be sure that you don’t wear the same towel or tampon all day long.


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