Based on native American Indian and other native people recipes, published by Hulda Regher Clark (see the References)


1. black walnut hulls – from the black walnut tree. Use water based tincture. Use 10-20 drops each time.

2. wormwood – from the Artemisia absynthium shrub. Buy it for your garden. It has been named for a good reason long time ago and it is mentioned in many ancient scripts, including the Bible. Take one dried leaf in a teaspoon of honey each time.

3. common cloves – from the clove tree. This is a common spice used in baking. Grind your own fresh cloves (not stored for a long time). Use a small amount of ground powder mixed with a fruit juice – a tip of the teaspoon is enough.

Taken together, these herbs help to eliminate over 100 common parasites in humans.

Black walnut hull and wormwood help to eliminate adult parasites as well as their various development stages. Cloves eliminates eggs. This is the only known method to eliminate parasite eggs.

Use the combination of above herbs 3 times a day before meals for a few days. For more information read books by Hulda Regher Clark.

After eliminating parasites, we should take care not to create favourite conditions to them again. Attention to detoxification and the diet should be our strategy.


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